About Lyttelton Mining Supplies

Lyttelton Mining Supplies, situated in Centurion, designs and supplies engineering solutions in material handling and power transmission.

Our customers range from project houses to major industrial facilities such as:

  • Power generation
  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Chrome
  • Dolomite
  • Iron ore
  • Coal mines
  • Paper and pulp producers
  • The cement industry

Lyttelton Mining Supplies, headed by Willie Botha, has built a highly acclaimed reputation since its establishment in 1987. Willie, who has been in the industry since 1976, has extensive knowledge and experience in the material handling and power transmission sectors, among others.

Proud Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor with 30% HDSA Ownership
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  • Products

    David Brown Catalogues

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    David Brown Installation and Maintenance

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    David Brown
    • Industrial bevel helical conveyor gearboxes
    • Industrial mill gearboxes
    • Open gearing up to 14 meters in diameter
    • Girth gears and mill pinions
    • Repair/Reconditioning of all types of industrial gearboxes
    • Heavy equipment machining and gear cutting
    • Geared motors
    • Roloid pumps
    • Worm gearboxes
    • Chairlift gearboxes
    • Shaft mount
    • In-line geared motors
    • Reverse engineering
    • Flexible pin type couplings
  • Products

    Conveyor Idler Equipment
    • Conveyor idler steel rolls
    • Conveyor idler HDPE rolls
    • Conveyor idler frames – angular or tubular
    • Conveyor structure and engineering
  • Products

    Bibby Turboflex SA Catalogues

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    Bibby Turboflex SA Installation and Maintenance

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    Bibby Turboflex (S.A.)
    • Marland backstops
    • Bibby grid couplings
    • Gear couplings
    • Brake drum couplings
    • Rigid couplings
    • Twiflex disc brakes
  • Products

    CPM Catalogues

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    C.P.M and General Engineers
    • Conveyor pulleys – turbine and T-bottom design
    • Ceramic and rubber lagging
    • Bikon locking elements
    • Specialised engineering
  • Products

    Dymot Engineering Catalogues

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    Dymot Engineering
    • Take-up winches
    • Control panels
    • Tension meters
    • Safety hand winches
    • Motorised hand winches
    • Rope sheaves
  • Products

    Voith Catalogues

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    Voith Installation and Maintenance

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    Voith S.A./Stratford Engineering
    • Soft start fluid couplings
    • Grid couplings
    • Gear couplings
    • Wrapflex coupling
    • Discflex MR couplings
    • Fail to safe electromagnetic thruster brakes
    • Centrifugal speed switches/conveyor motion monitors
    • Vulcan sinclair fluid couplings and repair
    • Falk low speed backstops
  • Products

    • V-belts and V-pulleys
    • Taper bushes
    • Tyre couplings
    • Roller chain and sprockets
  • Products

    • WEG electric motors
    • Electronic soft start
    • Invicta vibrators
    • Low voltage switchgear
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